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August 06, 2010


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Janet (Scaccia) Jones

I am of Sicilian descent, and my Mom always made Coponata every
year, and we had it avalable for all things. Mary Ann, my question to you is: why is this relish called by two names:
1) Caponata and 2)Caponatina? I have always wondered why this
is, but have not way of asking any of my relatives, as sadly,
they are no longer with me. If you have any idea why, could you please let me know? Thanks.
P.S. I love your new kitchen set.

Chris Fennimore

I'm of Sicilian descent as well and my family always called it caponatina. But in their dialect it sounded like Gabbanadina. I have some in my fridge right now! And you're right, Mary ann. this never lasts long in my house either.

mary ann esposito

Janet, caponata and caponatina are one and the same thing; just called by various names depending on where you were from in Sicilia. In general anything that has an ina on the end of an Italian word means something small like a ragazzina, little girl or tazzina, small cup. In the end it's all the same.

Mary Main

Mary Ann I am looking for instruction in how to Sun Dry tomatoes

william mitchell

Mary Ann I love watching your shows, and feel a closer connection to you and your food than for any other TV cook. It is unfortunate however when you become so successful, and at the same time remote. I am of course very happy that you are successful, you certainly deserve it, but you become cut off from the very source of your success. I would love to contact you directly, but I know that is very unlikely. There is this huge buffer between you(as with most personalities) and any contact with us. There is not even a real hope of contacting you through Twitte, Facebook or your website, as I am sure that you must have a staff just to sort through and manage these sites. there is no place way in any of your sites that resembles a Contact Us link. I know that you cannot respond to everyone personally, but there is not even a way that would give reasonable hope that you might someday see a contact attempt. Too bad, but again, I am glad to have you out there, bringing Italian home cooking to the country. Bill Mitchell http://cafarella-cincotta-cucinare.blogspot.com Take a look at my family cookbook site.

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