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July 09, 2010


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Dan G

Great recipe!! I am obsessed with beets and have been wanting to buy them from our farmers markets in Boston, but I never knew what to do with them besides steam, peel and eat (which is delicious on its own).

I really like the addition of mint and garlic and am now super excited to try this one out. Thank you!

Healthy Foods Blog

The photo of the finished product is delectable! I would love to have that kind of dish on the table especially if there's an important occasion.

- Tera

Renate Masterson

I am looking for a cake recipe that you showe on the show the PBS cooking show of mr. smith some years ago.MsE. called it LUcrecia Borgia's wedding cake. I loved that cake but lost the recipe. The cake had Marzipan in it also Angel Hair Pasta. I hope some-one has that recipe. Thank you.

mary Ann Esposito

The cake is called torta di tagliatelli and can be found on the www.ciaoitalia.com website under cakes


Great looks! I think this is similar recipe like Rainbow Cake . Very different and nice post. Thanks.

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