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March 22, 2010


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CF Nave

WE are a group of dedicated women raising money for desperate
families. The Group is W>H>O> Women Helping Others. Our annual dinner is approaching and I would like to know if Mary Ann would sign a copy of one of her books for us to raffle off. We are willing to pay for it but a signed copy would obviously generate greater interest and mmoney.
Concetta F Nave'

mary ann esposito

Please send a self addressed large padded 9x 12 stamped envelope in the amount of $6.00 to cover postage and handling and send to Ciao Italia. PO 891 Durham NH 03824

We will send out a signed copy.

CF Nave

Mary Ann
That is a wonderful jesture and I can't tell you how much we appreciate your generous offering. We will keep you in our prayers and know that your generosity will help someone less fortunate that us. Okay, now back to dinner and of course it is one of your recipes. I love your recipes and have a few of "Grandmom's" originals.
Grazie, Grazie, Mille Grazie

Concetta F. Nave'.

Dawn Marie Darretta

The Italian specialy store we have is a bit of a ride. There is one closer but they are ridiculously overpriced. I have buckets of various types of grain. I grind them for bread & baking and use the hard red wheatberries for cooking. I had heard that spelt is extremely close to farro. Do you find this to be true? And could I use the spelt in this recipe and get close to the same results? Am happy to see grain recipes!

Thank you!
Dawn Marie Darrettaa

Dawn Marie Darretta

Maryann, after posting the comment above, I saw that you responded to my post on your blog concerning grains. It answered my question. And I apologize for my repeat of info. I forgot I posted all that previously! Ah, life w/ 2 young boys!

Giuliana Palmas

Dear Marianna, I am a Sardinian girl living in Coeur D'Alene , Idaho, trying to teach Americans how to cook from scratch in my cooking classes. I just bought your book" What you knead" and I love it.
I am going to make the grape bread for my next homemade pasta cooking class.
Will buy some more of your books and use your great recipes.
thanks for the inspiration

mary Ann Esposito

Cara Giuliana,

Sono lieta che tu piace il libro What You Knead. Buon divertimento in cucina e buona pasqua!


CF Nave

Mary Ann
Thank you from the W.H.O Women Helping Others from Gloucester County NJ. My most recent post is not shown and it was to inform you that our annual fund raiser is April 22nd and your generous contribution will be part of our annual dinner to help women. I did send the self addressed envelope as you suggested so can you confirm your receipt of it. I appreciate your generosity and please let me know via e-mail if we can include your gift in our campaign. Hope this isn't an inconvenience but we are all awaiting the book.
Thank again

mary ann esposito

I have been out of the country and will check on this on my return

CF Nave

Grazie, Grazie


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