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March 30, 2010


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Dan G

Do you have a favorite recipe for Easter pie? Is it a tradition in your family? My great aunt used to make it with ham and ricotta and sometimes spaghetti! But I have no idea how to make it :( and it was one of my favorite things about Easter.

mary Ann Esposito

Dan, the most famous Easter pie for Italians is the pastiera, Neapolitan rice pie and the recipe is on www.ciaoitalia.com Happy Easter

Ralph C. Alberti

My mother's parents came from Avigliano near Potenza in Italy and they brought a recipe for Pizza Rustica which they also called Easter Pie. Her older sister taught both my mom and myself to make it and I have done so for probably the last 40 years or so. I am willing to share the recipe with anyone who desires it.

liz colangelo

Dan my sidter in laws family use to make a Easter pizza pie with ricotta and ham and it was one of oour favorite tings too. I would love to find it in did not have any rice in it. and they lived far from Naples... I would like to get the easter Pie recipe from Ralph Alberti......
liz colangelo

Dan G

I would love any and all recipes. I want to try the rice pie, I have never had it. My family came from Reggio and Sicily, no idea if the recipe came over with them, but perhaps! The pie that I have eaten was pretty thin though and so delicious. I did try to follow a few recipes and the flavor is very very close to what I was looking for yay!


I would love to have the recipes for all, but the easter pie is the recipe I lost many years ago and my family really wants me to make it once again... Would you mind posting or could you possible send it to me in an email?

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