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February 15, 2010


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Wow this recipe sounds and looks amazing!! Mille grazie!

Dan G

Oh and I meant to ask...Mary Ann, do you ever use white whole wheat flour in recipes like this?

I used to use whole wheat, but it never came out well, just dry. I've tried white whole wheat and it seems to be better. What do you think? And would you ever use it or do you like the results from traditional white flour?

mary ann esposito

Hello Dan,

Whole wheat flour would make these a bit dry; you can try substituting half whole wheat and half all purpose but they will not be as light tasting. Enjoy!

Mary Ann

Antoinette Valla

I would like a recepie for the San Joseph sfingi please.

mary Ann Esposito

Please go to the www.ciaoitalia.com website and type in zeppole, another name for the sfinge; there you will find the recipe

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