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January 15, 2010


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Couldn't agree more with this simple pleasure. I use the lid of a pan to press down before I flip. sort of like a sandwich press machine, and no i won't use that word "P_ _ _ _ _ _ maker."


That sounds awesome. I haven't had a real grilled cheese yet and I am very close to trying it out. I am so used to the fake manufactured bread and cheese variety, but cannot wait to get a good bread that won't fall apart and some good cheese. Rye sounds amazing for grilled cheese!


I love using my cast iron frying pan for grilled cheese. I place a piece of parchment on top of the bread then weight the sandwich with my full teakettle.. flip when golden.I love using seeded french bread some bread removed. It gets all crispy and the sesame seeds get toasted. With a hot bowl of homedmade soup. Now that is comfort even here in Fla. Bon Appetito.....


Just throw a lil tomato in there and I am in 7th Heaven!!!


I like to butter both slices of bread on both sides, a slice of real cheese on each piece of bread, add a thick slice of tomato between the cheese slices before grilling, yes, I use a fry pan to grill.

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