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October 09, 2009


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Dawn Darretta

I have just a few cookie recipes where I freeze the dough befor baking. Can you freeze cookies after baking? And if so, do they taste just as good as fresh baked?

mary Ann Esposito

Dawn, there are a lot of cookies you can freeze after baking from filled to bar to biscotti. I wrap them in Press N'Seal and then put them in tins or plastic bags and they freeze beautifully and taste just like they were just made.

Roselyn Simchick

Will you tell me what cookies keep the best and which ones to bake first? I don't have much room in my freezer and will keep them cool in the basemenmt in cans

Connie Thom

When I was a child we had a neighbor from Bari and she used to make a fried cookied dipped in red wine glaze. The cookie reminds me of pizelle but the dough was thicker. Are you familiar with this cookie and do you have a recipe?C

mary Ann Esposito

The best cookie keepers are things like biscotti, crisp molasses cookies, gingerbread cookies. Soft cookies or filled cookies are best made and frozen to keep them fresh. Cut out sugar cookies can be made a week ahead and stored in tins in a cool place like a garage or enclosed porch area.

mary Ann Esposito

Connie, we are not familiar with this particular cookie but we do have a rosette shaped one that is drizzled in honey from Puglia that may be similiar. You can find it on the web site under cookies

Dawn Darretta

Roselyn, I usually bake my biscotti first. I have had them up to a month in a tin. Not sure if it's because there is no butter in the recipe. It is the type of biscotti that needs to be dunked, otherwise you'd have a hard time taking a bite out of one! They remind me so much of the boxes of cookies my grandfather would send every Christmas & Easter from Messina, Sicily. Other than the torrone, almost every cookie had to be dunked. Yum! Oh, if you wanted to dip them in chocolate, don't do that so far in advance as the chocolate can get a little white looking.

patricia deromedi

I live in philadelphia, pa and there is a bakery that makes a cooke called quorsemali. I am looking for the receipe but had no luck. I would love to make these cookies. They are a chocolate bar with nuts and fruit. Can you help

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