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October 22, 2009


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Brenda Fulgieri

Thank you for your newsletter, Mary Ann. It's really terrific!

-Brenda Fulgieri

Mary T. Ballestero

I just purchased your new cookbook. 5 ingredient one. I am looking forward to trying these new recipes. I will let you know how I enjoyed it. Love and enjoy all your newsletters. Mary T.

mary ann esposito

Ciao Mary,

I hope you have a lot of fun with the five ingredient book; it was fun for me to write and it will get you out of the kitchen fast without compromising good food! Enjoy!

Mary Ann

ellen blom

I was just wondering how I can find out when she does a live taping and where they are done. I would like to attend one whenever possible.

mary ann esposito

Hi Ellen

The shows are taped in Providence, Rhode Island during the summer months. Please contact the executive producer Paul Lally at plally@comcast.net to see about your request.


Oh I wish I saw this earlier. I needed a good recipe for pumpkin gnocchi as I was making some to eat this week. Actually, I will be using your recipe as it sounds so deliciously easy!


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