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October 21, 2009


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Barbara:  Art and Barb Live in Italy!

This is why I feel so lucky to live in Italy - and why I'm so cranky when I go grocery shopping when we're visiting the states!

mary ann esposito

Barbara, you are so right; if only we could all adopt the Italian way of regarding the foods we grow and eat, we would all be the healthier and wiser too. Thanks for your comments.

Mary Ann

Dawn Darretta

This is why I end up getting most of my food from various sources. I get my grains, beans and wheat berries (yes, I use fresh-ground wheat for alot of recipes) from a co-op that orders quarterly. I get my
(organic) fruits & veggies from a health food market and when in-season, I go to the farmer's markets. Cheeses, eggs, honey and such from another co-op. And it is a bit of a drive for all of these. Organic meats are so hard to find unless they are so expensive and not really in the budget. It really is so annoying what is done to our food sources!

mary ann esposito

Dawn, I could not agree more with you; we all have to do our part to become more aware of what the agribusiness wants to shove down our throats. The more educated about this we are, the more likely that the message will get out that we only want real food, not mass produced, pesticide laden food that is bad for all of us. Keep doing what you are doing.

Mary Ann


Hi Maryann!
i JUST WANTED to tell you I've loved your show for years and your cookbooks and recipes..They are real and easy enough for the home cook (don't have to have scores of ingredients or fancy schmancy tools)

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