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August 03, 2009


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Oh! I never imagine that a flower can be eaten too. Anyway, I am so interested about this. I wonder how it taste. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


Carole Pucci

I have eaten stuffed zucchini flowers many times. I have tried stuffing them with a ricotta mixture, however, deep fried them. I have not tried your recipe of stuffing them with a ricotta mixture and adding tomato sauce and baking them. I cannot wait to try them.

Jeannie cancialosi

Mia Nonna used a pancake mix, she would coat both sides, then fry in olive oil. Turn over to fry otherside. Place on paper towels, sprinkle with salt and serve. I have evensprinkled sugar over them. Instead of salt. Delicioso

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Oh!This post really caught my attention. i never seen and taste that before.. how could it be possible. but anyways. i wanna tried to taste and made that. just wonder how to made that Stuffed Zucchini Flowers?


Linda Bailey

I love to pick the zucchini buds,right before they open and put them in our salad. Every one loves them. I must pick a lot because I eat a lot before I make it to the house. A light lemon vinegarette is best so as not to mask any fresh flavors!

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