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May 27, 2009


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This looks awesome - a definate "will have to try" recipe - actually it is very similar to a "leeks soup" recipe that our family makes in Italy using similar ingredients along with potatoes and lots of butter! Yumm!!!

Barbara Turner

Wow! I'm going to try this recipe. As a weight watcher, this is so low calorie ("0 points"), it's wonderful and guilt-free! I also like the fact that you use every part of the asparagus and don't waste it! Thanks, Mary Ann!!! You rock!

Gloria Mallory

I'm having dinner guests tomorrow and plan to make an asparagus salad. Will get asparagus today to use the stalk ends for soup tonight with ciabatta cheese panini.



I must share my happiness that was prompted after reading this article; specifically the "buying thrifty and using what's in the house" part.

My sons treated me to dinner on Mother's Day at a local restaurant. When we had all finished our meals, I gathered the 'left overs'; large cut french fries, meat loaf, etc., from each one's order stating that I would use them in other recipes. My son's, (who are now all adults), somewhat hesitated at the idea.

I also use the stems of greens; kale and collards. After washing the greens thoroughly and stripping the greens from the stems, I place them in a bag in the freezer for a couple of days.

When I'm ready to cook them, I put olive oil and chopped garlic in a large heavy bottom dutch oven. Before I put the greens in the pot I break them into small pieces by squeezing the bag. I then put the stems with a small amount of olive oil in a blender and puree. I then add the puree to the pot.

Jeannie Cancialosi

I will make this for the next OSIA meeting (Kankakee, Il) this Monday. We all bring a dish to share, eat, then have our meeting. My husband is the president of our Lodge.
They will all love this!


Brilliant Idea, my Italian grandmother would be proud!! My wife loves Asparagus, but I am always guilty when I make Asparagus because I dispose of the stems. Thank you.

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