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April 08, 2009


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My mom did something similar but I don't have the recipe. Looking forward to this! Also, I'd actually LOVE to know some "recipes" for naturally coloring Easter Eggs.

God's blessings to all,

marcie smith

HELPPPP... what's the oven temp pls....or am I to assume it is 350.... Im not much of a baker but Im going to try this.. thanks


I have been trying to bake Easter Bread in the past. When I have used colored hard cooked eggs, the color would bleed onto the bread. Ugh! When I have experimented with uncooked eggs, they cracked and ooozed. Ugh!

I will try this recipe, and hope for the best. Any hints would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to do this in the next day or two.

mary ann


Try lowering your oven temperature; every oven will react differently so it may be that your temp is too high causing the eggs to expand.

mary ann

My apologies, the oven should be preheated to 375F

marcie smith

thk and hugs to u and the staff... Love getting this newsletter... Buona Pasqua!!!!

Tony Ingrassia

My Aunt Angie would make these for all us kids, but under the egg would be a folded dollar bill.
Happy Easter Mary Ann and Everyone!

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