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January 15, 2009


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Carmela Tursi Hobbins

These kupcakes look just great Kathy. And for Valentine's Day I am sure that baking shops, grocery stores and even on line, you should be able to get Valentine themed cupcake liners. Your strawberry kupcakes will look awesome in those.

Buon appetito,

Carmela Tursi Hobbins

Margie Rota

I loved the cupcake recipe. It is very unique.
I have a question for both you, Kathy, and Mary Ann.
What city in Sicily did your Paternal grandfather come from?
Was it Santa Caterina Vill a Mosa?
I visited there last summer and I was trying to remember if that was what I once heard or read in Mary Ann's cook books.
Either way, it was a memorable visit and quite a beautiful area.
I hope you can answer me some how as I am anxious to tell the folks if I'm correct or not. They are most proud of their heritage.
Fondly, Margie Rota

mary Ann Esposito


Absolutely right! Santa Caterina Villarmosa is my grandfather Rosario Saporito's home town! I love it too!

Mary Ann


I can't wait to try these cupcake recipes for Valentine's Day! I know my children are going to just love them! Mary Ann, may I just say what a huge fan of yours I am! I watch your show all the time and have made so many of your recipes and love them all! My dad, who is now 86, is a retired chef and he learned to cook at my grandmother from Italy's knee. He always says you cook like "the old time Italians", and believe me, that's a compliment! Thank you for your continued inspiration in the kitchen!

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