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January 30, 2009


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Hi, My sister just forwarded the recipe to me and boy that recipe sounds wonderful. I can't wait to make the calzones. Being from Buffalo myself I wanted to say hello.I love to work with yeast and know that my family will enjoy the calzones tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday. Thank you so much.


Hi, I just made the calzones and they came out just like the picture. I want to tell everyone they are delicious and so easy to make. The directions are right on. Thank you Mary. arlene

mary Ann Esposito

Arlene, I am so glad you like the calzones; you can do a lot of other things with this dough featured in my bread book What You Knead. Go Bills! Even though they are not playing!


Mary Ann


I made these for a family party, but I substituted ground turkey for the pork butt. They were great.

We had more than enough. I even sent some home with my daughter.


Mary Ann Esposito

Bravo, Carol! Good substitution. I'm glad to hear they were so well received.


WOW MaryAnn you are kind rude to your guest today. I feel bad for him. 4/18/09.

Linda Rizzo

When people make comments such as this and then do not sign their name, their comments do not hold much weight, at least with me. If you are going to say something "bad" about somebody or something, be "big enough" to leave your name. What is it that YOU are hiding from when you don't?

You are doing a FANTASTIC job, MaryAnn, with your site, your cookbooks and your shows, so keep up what you are doing. You can't be all that bad, doing what you are doing, otherwise you wouldn't be where you are today!

You have more than enough supporters our here, MaryAnn and we all love ya!


Mary Spacone

I have been trying to find the recipe book from the series where you had a chef that specialized in particular area actually do the cooking - I promised my 10 year old son that I would get the book, but everytime i tried to call, the line was busy. Once was featured a sweet simple dough and used for something called "open pie rustic or rustica". If you could tell me how to order this book, I would love to have it for my son's birthday in December. I think it cost around $40. Thank you.

mary ann esposito

Mary, can you tell us what the number of the show was that you were watching? The simply sweet dough is from What You Knead, my bread book that can be ordered on line; it is out of print so used copies are what is available. As to the chef you refer to, was he or she baking bread? Any information will help us get the right information to you.

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